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Doctors Cannabis Consulting (DCC) endorsed by W/C claims management to treat injured workers with th

In an unprecedented move, S&C Claims a Workers Compensation Claims Management Service has endorsed Doctors Cannabis Consulting (DCC) as the supplier of Cannabidiol (CBD) formulas to treat their industrial injuries that include chronic pain, injury-related PTSD, and Opioid dependency. DCC will be providing their proprietary CBD products to S&C's approved medical providers, beginning in Nevada, New Mexico, and California growing into multiple states over the next several years.

Doctor Allen Miller, MS DC, who has successfully used his CBD formulas to treat his patients over the years from a multitude of injuries, knows firsthand this endorsement will alter lives and bring healing to thousands of people, without the danger of Opioid dependency, which is an epidemic in the United States. Dr. Allen once suffered a life-threatening horse injury and used many formulas to successfully treat himself and improve his quality of life. 

DCC will be implementing their program into the approved medical providers, beginning in Nevada, New Mexico, and California. Dr. Allen Miller, Director of Operations, was quoted in saying, "S&C Claims is the first to take this bold move forward, and they are on the forefront of changing the treatment of industrial injuries in the United States." Dr. Allen Miller spent two years testing CBD products in a clinic environment with significant success – and this umbrella contract with S&C ClaimsManagement Services will bring DCC's extraordinary products into several worker's compensation insurances companies in multiple states. Dr. Miller says, "I have seen so many conditions that get escalated from injuries – for example, chronic pain situations not properly addressed can lead to depression, anxiety and Opioid dependency, as well as injury-related Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. DCC's formulas successfully treat not only the original injury, but those patients whose injuries have already escalated into these additional life-threatening problems." "It's all avoidable," Dr. Miller says, "and my ultimate goal is to properly treat patients from the early moments of their injuries, so the injury doesn't branch out into more medical problems, disability, and chronic pain." S & C's Operation Manager, David Oakden says, "We are pleased to endorse the proposed treatment, which is not only cost-effective but improves the lives of workers with complex injuries and chronic pain."

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