May 9, 2018

In an unprecedented move, S&C Claims a Workers Compensation Claims Management Service has endorsed Doctors Cannabis Consulting (DCC) as the supplier of Cannabidiol (CBD) formulas to treat their industrial injuries that include chronic pain, injury-related PTSD, and Opi...

October 25, 2017

Dr. Allen Miller is the founder/owner of Doctors Cannabis Consulting and, in addition to being a chiropractor and a consultant, is an enthusiastic patient and supporter of cannabis medicine.

In this episode of the podcast, Dr. Miller joins our podc...

September 1, 2017

The one takeaway for people affected by PTSD is how they react and process traumatic incidents are out of their control. People with PTSD have about as much control on how they react to a problem, as they do over the foods they like.

The more Manufactures try to customize the raw product it becomes more like Big Pharma.

In my last article "The Los Angeles City Council vs. Cannabis Industry", I reported the LA City Council is dragging its feet in implementing new regulations and licensing procedures for the Cannabis industry, losing out much-needed taxes, jobs and economic rewards to a...

Many people have heard the George Santayana’s quote: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. I say, “Those that ignore history seek their own demise,” Dr. Allen Miller.

A friend recently recommended I watch the movie “ The Founder,”

the story of...

In graduate school, one of the first things I learned was the 80/20 Rule. It is a common rule of thumb in business; e.g., "80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients." 

This rule as it applies to healthcare translates into 80% of patients getting well reg...

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