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I design and implement programs that transition Private Patients & Injured Workers with Chronic Pain & Opioid Dependency to Cannabis based products, decreasing claim costs increasing production. 

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Chronic Pain Consultation

Expert Guidance

We are a multidisciplinary Cannabis Pain Clinic. We base your care on your unique needs and goals for your health using a combination of Alternative and Integrative Medicine. Allen Miller, MS, DC, leads a team of Natural and Medical Team of Practitioners, have one philosophy, Cannabis 1st. Each person is different and responds in THEIR own way. We have learned to listen to the body and most importantly to you, basing our treatment on YOUR body’s uniqueness.


Each treatment session is created specifically for you, and not the generic care that so many of you have experienced in the past.

We have worked to bring about a non-traditional environment and treatment system that is unique to our office and OUR staff. Take time from your day, and respect your health and your body. Invest in your future. Together we will find the program that suits your body’s needs and will bring you ULTIMATE wellness. We will find YOUR antidote to civilization.


Strategic Industrial Healthcare Design

The Path to Success

Clients include Claims Management Services, Workers Compensation Insurance Carriers, Third Party Insurers and their Company clients. We implement cost-effective programs to reduce costs and transition injured workers with Chronic Pain and Opioid Dependency transition to Cannabis & other mainstream medications.

Corporate Healthcare Advice

Corporate Healthcare Advice

Today statistics show a decreased pool of employees, that addicted to painkillers and unable to work.  Having strategically partnered with organizations similar to yours during the last 20 years, we have the experience to help you and your clients balance your business demands with a mutual need to increase productivity and subsequent profitability. We have solutions to decrease injuries, Opioid dependency in the injured worker population.


Dr. Allen S Miller, MS, DC

Here to Serve You

  • Dr. Miller is a former Olympic Team Doctor for numerous Track & Field Teams in the United States and Internationally.

  • Dr. Miller was a Biomechanics Optimization Expert on the 1998 Carnage Mellon University, Driverless Truck Development program (DTSI). 

  • Dr. Miller is a recognized expert to workers' compensation claims management services and insurance companies on the treatment of Chronic Pain and Opioid Dependence with Cannabis products.

  • Dr. Miller has manufactured and formulated cannabis products utilized by workers compensation insurers and payers to treat Chronic Pain & Opioid Dependence nationally.

  • Dr. Miller, is a published author, international speaker, and Television Commentator.


  • Dr. Miller is a writer and frequent contributor to numerous publications on the subject of Cannabis and the treatment of Chronic Pain, Opioid Dependence and health. Dr. Miller is also President of Bionutraceutical Health Solutions. He is an expert to workers’ compensation payers and manufactures and distributes CBD products specially formulated to treat injured workers with Chronic Pain and Opioid Dependence.

Dr. Allen S Miller, MS, DC

President, C.E.O


  • Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College, LA CA.

  • Diplomate of Sports Medicine (DACBSP) from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic

  • Sports Medical Certification from The American College of Sports Medicine

  • M.S. from Great Bay University in Sports Sciences and Communications 

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Dr. Miller is a writer and frequent contributor to numerous publications on the subject of Cannabis and the treatment of Chronic Pain, Opioid Dependence and health. Dr. Miller is also President of Bionutraceutical Health Solutions. 


Chronic Pain Consultation

Strategic Industrial Healthcare Design

Corporate Healthcare Advice


626 399-6834

304 S Jones Blvd, #1454 Las Vegas, NV 89107

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